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10 Tips for Working from Home


Sarah Newman


March 24, 2020

Transitioning from a work at the office lifestyle to one where you now work from home can be a huge change. If you find yourself struggling with the change, we have complied 10 tips to help you with making the switch.


1.    Maintain a Regular Schedule


Set your work schedule and stick to it whenever possible.There will be situations when you may have to wake up earlier or work later to accommodate for a large project or coworker in another time zone. Setting these hours for yourself help to maintain work-life balance and give you a time when you can call it a day.


2.    Schedule Breaks


Make sure you know you company’s policy on break time and take them. A lunch hour and two 15-minute breaks seem to be the standard for full-time US employees. However long you have, make sure you utilize that timeaway from the computer to its entirety. Taking a step away gives you a chance to decompress and refresh before coming back to work more energized and motivated then before.


3.    Be Sure to Ask for What You Need


When working from home either normally or unexpectedly, besure to ask your superiors for the things that you need to get your job done effectively at home. If you need certain supplies that usually stays at the office, request to take some of those supplies home to enable you to maintain the same amount of productivity as before. If your work from home situation is just temporary,consider asking for smaller supplies that can help you like a mouse and keyboard or a back-supporting cushion instead.

4.    Keep a Dedicated Space for Work


Ideally, all work from home employees would have a dedicated office space and two separate computers, one for home and one for work. However,not everyone has a separate office in their home or the ability to have two machines. Instead, dedicate a desk only for work use. This way you have a space that you can always walk away from at the end of the day to continue that work-life separation. It also gives you a space where you can focus and not be in the middle of day-to-day life in your home.


5.    Socialize with Colleagues


Seclusion, detachment, and separation are common problems in remote work life. It is important to know how much interaction and socialization you need to feel connected and included. Continuing to communicate with your colleagues on a personal level helps to combat the feelings of loneliness that many people who work from home deal with on a regular basis.If your company doesn’t have communication channels for you to utilize, you may have to be more proactive with nurturing your relationships.



6.    Overcommunicate


Working remotely requires overcommunication. Tell everyone,who needs to know, about your schedule and availability often. When you complete a project or important task, be sure to say so. Overcommunicating doesn’t require long paragraphs of communication but it does mean repeating yourself.



7.    Be Positive


The less face time you have with people, the less they know how to interpret your tone in writing. When communicating digitally be sure to be positive, and even border on being overly positive. Use things like the exclamation and emoji to your benefit but be sure to not use them too often and risk looking like you are shouting or being unprofessional.



8.    Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself


Successful remote employees have a reputation for being extremely disciplined. It takes serious focus to do any full-time job from an unconventional space. If you find yourself working one minute and doing something unrelated the next, don’t reprimand yourself too harshly. If what you are doing is what people in an office setting may do as well, cut yourself some slack and get back to work.


9.    End Your Day With a Routine


Create a habit that signals the close of a workday. It might be signing off a business messaging app, going for an evening walk or a 6 p.m.class. Whatever you choose can be as complicated or as simple as you desire,just be sure to do it consistently to make the end of your working hours.


10.  Make It Personal


Take the time to figure out what works best for you.Sometimes the answer is obvious, but other times you might need some inspiration from others. There are supportive communities of remote employees that can help you in getting accustomed to such a big change in your day-to-daylife.


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