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3 At Home Date Nights to Help You Get Away


Sarah Newman


July 29, 2020

Staying at home most of the time can put a damper on your date nights. It’s for that reason we have come up with three at home date night ideas that not only allow you to stay safe during your date but also breakup the madness of staying home. We want to hear from you! Let us know on our social media pages what your favorite at home date night is.


Get with the Theme

Choose a theme for your night and center everything you do around that theme. For example, if you choose a Mexican theme, you could eat fajitas and sopaipillas then watch Roma or Pan’s Labyrinth on Netflix. The possibilities for themes are endless; cultures, decades, holidays, etc. If you really want to sell the theme, you can even purchase some decorations to go all out.


Sing Your Heart Out

Did you need an opportunity to serenade your significant other? Now’s your chance! Have fun signing the night away with a karaoke night. No karaoke machine is required, YouTube is full of karaoke style songs and videos with lyrics for you to follow along with. Add to the fun with a little friendly singing competition, winner gets a bubble bath and loser cleans the dishes, take this opportunity to really get creative.


Bust Out the Candles

A classic when it comes to at home dates, a candlelit dinner makes anything look romantic. You could be eating lamb chops or mac and cheese; the candles always work their magic. If you want to make dinner a little more special, spend time getting ready as if you’re about to go out to eat. All of the atmosphere without any of the wait times for a table!


We hope you have a ton of fun enjoying these date nights or get inspired to have the perfect date night for you and your honey! Don’t have someone to go on a date with? No problem. Turn any of these date night ideas into self-care nights and enjoy yourself.


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