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4 Free Ways to Improve Your Home Cooking Skills


Sarah Newman


July 21, 2020

More people are staying at home now, more than ever before. Thanks to modern inventions we are able to easily order any local food straight to our doors! This means no clean up, no dirty dishes, and (the best part) no cooking mess. But then the end of the month rolls around and our budget for eating out has run low, and we have no other choice than to cook something at home.


While not everyone’s favorite activity, cooking is an essential part of everyone’s day, and we have definitely come far from the days of roasting meat over an open flame. Today, cooking is easier than it has ever been and there are a few simple things you can do in the kitchen to convince your friends that you rub elbows with Gordon Ramsay.


Make Do With What’s in The Pantry

Sometimes just a recipe can be overwhelming with the different kind of unique ingredients that they demand. We encourage our cookers to make do with what they have at home. Need pink Himalayan salt but only have kosher? Not a problem! No one will be able to tell the difference between the two, we promise.


Use Your Hands

Remember when Grandma told you that everything she cooked was made with love? Well what she really meant is that she used her best kitchen tool, her hands. Hate mixing salad with two oversized forks? Use your hands. Is there a clump in the sauce that you have been whisking for the past 15 minutes? Use your hands to smooth it out. Our hands are our most useful tool when it comes to cooking amazing meals.


Don’t Fear The Browning

This is a tip you’ll be able to taste right away. When you’re wanting your meat or vegetables to brown in the pan, don’t be afraid to really go wild with the level of browning. Don’t push anything around in the pan needlessly, let your food rest and sear. The more browning you have on your food, the more flavor you’ll have in your dish.


Trust Your Nose

Another amazing tool that we didn’t have to pay for and that we use every day outside of the kitchen, our noses. We know what it smells like when something is burning, but with our noses we are also able to tell when a stock is rich enough or when your potatoes have browned enough in the oven.


We’re not promising a miracle but our number one tip at getting better at cooking in your kitchen is by doing it more often, practice always makes better. What are some of your favorite things to cook at home?


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