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Bender Hollow Steps Up Value to Residents After Fire Recovery


Sarah Newman


January 14, 2020

Bender Hollow has been through a lot during 2019. Despite suffering from a fire that resulted in the loss of 10 units the property has continued to perform well and exceed expectations with only 90 of its 100 units available. Jose Alvarado, our Director of Maintenance & Rehabs explains exactly what the cause of this fire was, “We called a 3rd party company for a repair and we believe a little piece of welding material went inside the wall. The fire just started.” Even though we lost the use of an entire building of units, no one was hurt in the fire. With help from the fire insurance we received, Rockstar was able to upgrade the units to higher standards than what they were at before.

During a walkthrough of the units after rebuilding was completed, Robert Martinez, CEO of Rockstar Capital, said, “I remember there was sheetrock and insulation falling down, there was no sheetrock on the walls, there was water everywhere. I wish you could smell the difference; it smells like a new house.” We took this tragedy and turned it into an opportunity to increase the value of these units for our residents with many quality-of-life additions.

With the fire destroying most of the building, we had to start from square one. This allowed us to add features into this rehab that we usually don’t add in our usual rehab projects. First, we added smart switches that are controllable by a resident’s phone or any other smart home device, allowing them to control the lighting in their home even when they are away. Speaking of lighting, all lights throughout the unit have been upgraded to LEDs, extending their life and decreasing their energy consumption. Additionally, many plugs within the unit include USB ports for easy charging access, no power brick required. In another move to conserve energy, Rockstar installed programmable digital thermostats into each unit which have the potential to save residents 10-30% on heating and cooling costs.

Moving on to the bathroom, all countertops have been replaced with fashionable and long-lasting granite, bringing the room to the next level on sustainability and luxury. Low flow toilets and an oversized low flow showerhead where installed to aid in water conservation. All these elements tie in perfectly with the new designer backsplash in the shower. Cool tone and grey colors keep the room neutral, allowing our residents to make this space their own with endless décor options.

In the kitchen, countertops have also been upgraded to the same sleek granite. The grey granite complements the stainless-steel fridge, range and microwave, bringing the room together cohesively. Along with the new countertops and appliances we have also added a designer tile backsplash, new cabinets and an extra deep sink for easy washing. All these additions contribute to the value that we wanted to bring back to our community after the fire. Along with a revamped kitchen, we have also updated the patio of the unit with a few additions. The door leading to the patio has been replaced with an energy efficient double pane sliding door, further reducing energy costs our residents. A full washer and dryer have been added to the patio as well, this addition reduces the risk of theft and reduces the security issue of having a public laundry room. Along with these reductions, the addition of the washer and dryer increases the level of privacy our residents experience when doing their chores.

Rockstar has gone from being devastated over the loss of one of our buildings to elated at the transformation that was made during the rebuilding process. Check out our newest episode of the #DailyRock below to see the full transformation of these units for yourself.


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