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Check Out Our Rockstars That Stood Out During 2019


Sarah Newman


January 2, 2020

To start off 2020 we wanted to take one more look at our award winners for 2019. These award winners are some of the top people in our company and we wanted to be sure that they got the recognition that they deserve. Our award winners are as follows;

Property of The Year

Congratulations to Falls of Maplewood with 96.08% Avg. Occ, +6% NOI, +14% Cash Flow, 9.61 TALi and 89 ORA.

Rockstar of The Year

Congratulations to Stephania Gonzalez!

Newcomer of The Year

Congratulations to Ashley Khalaf!

Maintenance of The Year

Congratulations to Antonio Rodriguez!

Whatever It Takes

Congratulations to Aaron Twyman!

Most Consistent Performance- Office Staff

Congratulations to Kiwi Hall!

Most Consistent Performance- Maintenance

Congratulations to Abraham Gonzalez!

Most Perfect Prospect Surveys- Leasing Index

Congratulations to Kiwi Hall with 17 Perfect 100's!

Highest Resident Retention

Congratulations to Palms at Chimney Rock with turnover at 33%.

ORA- Highest Resident Satisfaction

Congratulations to Park at Deerbrook with a score of 95.

TALi- Highest Resident Satisfaction

Congratulations to Falls of Maplewood with a score of 8.53.

Highest NOI Increase

Congratulations to Meadowbrook Apartments with an increase of 13%.

Highest Prospect Satisfaction- Property Index

Congratulations to Palms at Chimney Rock with a score of 9.51.

Most Improved TALi- Resident Satisfaction

Congratulations to Green Meadows with an increase of 39%.

Most Improved ORA- Resident Satisfaction

Congratulations to Westwood Village with an increase of 16 points.

Most Improved ORA Takeovers- Resident Satisfaction

Congratulations to Newport Oaks with an increase of 26 points.

Congrats again to all of our winners! Here’s to a 2020 with even more winners we will be able to honor with awards and recognition. Happy New Year from Rockstar Capital.


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