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Four Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July at Home


Sarah Newman


July 1, 2020

In the middle of a period of history where it is better to stay home than to go out to celebrate, Rockstar Capital has four ways you’re able to celebrate this national holiday while in the comfort of your own home or yard. We hope you enjoy the holiday and if you choose to go out to celebrate, we hope you stay safe while doing so. For those of us at home, here are four ways to celebrate the 4th of July;


Enjoy Your Community Amenities


You don’t need to be far from home to swim in the pool or grill up some delicious food, our community amenities are there for you! With the summer heat ramping up quickly, a dip in our luxury style pool may be just what you need to cool off and have some fun while doing so. Our pet friendly amenities also come equipped with dog parks where our furry residents can play and celebrate together as well. Don’t have any community amenities of ours to enjoy? Visit our community search page to find the apartment home of your dreams and become a Rockstar resident.


Try a New Recipe


The 4th of July is known for its amazing grilled food, why not take some time to change up what you’re cooking? There are endless delicious things that can come right off of your grill and wow everyone you are celebrating with. Try a delicious beef and mushroom burger, or a grilled leek potato salad for an easy twist on some classic Independence Day foods. Good Housekeeping has so many amazing recipes to choose from and better yet, they are free for you to access! Don’t have a grill? Rockstar residents need not worry, feel free to use our large community grills while putting your social distancing skills into practice.


Light Fireworks (Safely)


Another synonymous item that comes with the holiday? Fireworks of course! We know you love them, and we do too, but we want to be sure to go over some safety tips to help you prevent any accidents that come with this explosively fun activity.

·     Adhere to your local laws.

·     Keep water close by

·     Light your fireworks the correct way.

·     Steer clear of any failed fireworks

·     Set off fireworks in an open, clear area.

·     Never try to re-light fireworks.

·     Never lean your body over a firework whenlighting.

·     Supervise any children handling sparklers.

·     If you are injured, get medical attention quickly.


If you would like to review some more firework safety tips before the big holiday check out this Firework Information Center from the CPSC.


Enjoy Some Crafts


If fireworks just aren’t your style or if you have young children in the home, a great celebration alternative is to enjoy some crafts together. These crafts don’t have to be focused only to young children; you can also use this time to DIY some décor before the big celebration over the weekend. Create patriotic pallet art or popsicle stick vases, anything you can imagine is possible! If you’re short on ideas however, our good friend Good Housekeeping also has great craft tutorials for you to choose from.


We hope we were able to give you some ideas on how to have an amazing July 4th celebration right from your own home. From all of us at Rockstar Capital, happy 4th of July!


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