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How to Keep Your Apartment Cool in The Summer


Sarah Newman


July 7, 2020

July is here and with it comes Texas’ famous summer heat. We would like to take some time to give you all some tips on how to keep cool despite the heat and how to keep your AC unit healthy through the summer months.


The U.S. Department of Energy recommends regular maintenance for your air conditioning system to increase its efficiency and improve its performance. Replacing your air filter is a key part of that maintenance process. The air conditioning experts at Energy Star recommend changing your air filter every three months at a minimum. Dirt and debris in your filter can obstruct air flow, increasing the workload of your cooling system. By replacing the filter regularly, you can reduce wear and tear on your air conditioner while allowing the free movement of air for improved indoor comfort.


The right AC filter can screen out pollutants, particulates and dust to ensure the quality of your indoor air. This can have a positive impact on the health of your entire family and can be especially important for older people, children and those with respiratory issues. By replacing your filters regularly, you can enjoy improved indoor air quality for every member of your family.


We also wanted to share some tips on how to keep your apartment home cool with the sun shining all day.


·     Use blinds and curtains to block out the sun

·     Set Your thermostats to 72 or 73 degrees while home and 78 degrees while away for peak efficiency.

·     Close doors of any rooms not in frequent use but keep bedroom and bathroom doors open.

·     Bring a small portable fan with you from room to room.

·     Ensure all ceiling fans are moving counterclockwise.


We wish you all the best of luck when it comes to beating the summer heat!


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