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How to Keep Your Pets Entertained While Staying at Home


Sarah Newman


July 15, 2020

While some of us are returning to our offices, others are still working from the comfort of their apartment homes. If you are living with a furry roommate, they are most likely bothering you every moment of the day for snuggles and attention. That makes it hard to get anything done work wise and barking during your video calls is something we want to avoid!


There are so many things you can do to keep your furry pals entertained and busy while you’re working away on your computer at home. We don’t want your pets to get bored and become destructive or agitated. Check out our tips below.


Keep to Your Routine 

Just like humans, pets thrive on a routine. Waking up, going outside and being fed at the same time everyday helps pets to thrive. Dogs know the exact time you wake up and start your day just by paying attention, but cats could care less as long as they have a clean litter box and food to eat.


Try your best to continue to stick to a routine despite working from home instead of the office. Your pets will thank you!


Make a Trip to the Dog Park

Getting outside does the body good and the same can be said for your furry pals. A cat may be happy with sitting in an open window but man’s best friend needs space to run, sniff and meet other pups. Our community dog parks are the perfect place to take your dog to give them a chance to soak up the sun and smells.


Interactive Treats and Toys

After a walk and sometime outside your pet may still seem restless, and that means it’s time to bust out the interactive treats and toys. Burrow toys with squeaky plush toys on the inside will give your pet a challenge and keep them entertained for quite some time.


If you pet isn’t a big fan of toys you can always give thema large bully stick or a Kong toy with treats inside, both will keep them busy while also being a nice treat.  



We hope these tips help you keep your pets active and engaged! What are some of your favorite ways to keep your pets busy?


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