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Meet Our Rockstars: Clara Narvaez


Sarah Newman


June 16, 2020

Welcome to another edition of Meet Our Rockstars! This month I had the chance to ask Clara Narvaez, Lead Conversion Specialist at Rockstar Capital, a little bit about her past at and before Rockstar. If you haven’t read our past features on Kiwi, Aaron, Stephania and Melyssa be sure to check those out as well!


Before Clara started work in the Multifamily industry, she was working at Bush Intercontinental Airport as a cashier. “While the company I was working for was amazing to me, I didn’t see myself doing that for the rest of my life,” Clara said. Clara wanted to find a job that wasn’t only great for her but also her family. She was a resident at one of our properties, Northlake Manor, when she visited the leasing office to see if we were hiring and submitted her resume to us. She was interviewed by Robert Martinez, Rockstar Capital’s founder and CEO, and was hired for the job.


Since then, Clara has shown us her amazing work ethic for 7 years. She credits her success to her parents, who instilled work ethic in her, and all of her supervisors that she has worked for, who have always taught her something new. Every position comes with its own set of challenges and Clara has faced many during her time in her last position of property manager. “The most challenging thing for me as a property manager was to oversee both employees and residents. I would hate to see when someone was unhappy, I would want to fix the problem for them,” Clara said.


Challenges are meant to be overcome, and Clara learned that while she isn’t able to make everyone happy all of the time, as long as she gives 110% to motivate her team and give the best customer service to her residents, she is satisfied with her work. “The most fulfilling thing about being a property manager is seeing someone from your team being promoted. Knowing that the training you provided to them and showing them the Rockstar way of things, leads them to success,” Clara said.


Looking towards the present, Clara is both excited and nervous about her new position as a Lead Conversion Specialist. “I’m now in a completely different field, I’m looking forward to continue contributing to Rockstar’s success in a different area,” she said. Clara strives to always be ready for whatever is next in her career. When asked what she loves about working for Rockstar, Clara said, “They care about your success, they encourage you to push harder and to be better.”


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