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Meet Our Rockstars: Kiwi Hall


Sarah Newman


January 22, 2020

Today, we are going to take a look at one of our Rockstar team members, Kiwi Hall. Kiwi has been with our company for 6 years and during that time has more than proven herself as a dedicated and hard worker. She truly embodies the Rockstar spirt and work ethic. Being able to sit down with her for a minute last week and talk about her past achievements as well as her future goals was truly inspiring.

Kiwi got her start in the multifamily business at one of our previously owned and managed communities, Falls at Maplewood. Kiwi was a resident of the community at the time as well as a babysitter for Robert Martinez’s, CEO of Rockstar Capital, children. Robert loved Kiwi’s personality and witnessed her great work ethic, so he made her the manager of Falls of Maplewood. Kiwi managed Falls of Maplewood all on her own from day one, and reached out to apartment management support groups, sister properties and took advantage of the online training and coaching Rockstar offered to its employees. At that time Malissa Alvarado, CFO of Rockstar, and Robert trained employees onsite themselves, this helped to cultivate a brother and sister type of relationship between Robert and Kiwi and seeing Malissa’s work ethic firsthand helped to inspire Kiwi to keep working hard herself.

During her time as the manager of Falls of Maplewood, Kiwi encountered various challenges and obstacles. One of the most challenging things about her last position was the fact that you can’t teach your employees passion. She constantly battled with rotation of employees and a lack of heart in those that did come in and out quickly. Eventually, she understood that everyone works differently and has different things that motivate them. She used those motivations and passions to show people that Rockstar can help our employees to achieve their long-term goals. Kiwi said, “One of my greatest success stories was Jerry Arce. He always had a great work ethic, but he didn’t always think that Rockstar had opportunities to offer. After working with him and showing him Rockstar’s potential, he worked harder and become more passionate about the company.”

Kiwi loved being able to work with residents and meet people from all walks of life in her previous position as a community manager. During her time at Falls of Maplewood she learned more than how to manage a property well. She also learned how to work with teams, manage finances, manage her credit and ultimately how to be a successful adult. “The things they don’t teach you in school,” Kiwi said.

Having since been promoted to a STR Coordinator, Kiwi is learning a whole new set of skills. “I’m learning something totally different, with this position what I do is different from day to day,” Kiwi said. When asked who she credits her success to Kiwi again brought up Malissa Alvarado. Kiwi is inspired by the passion and hard work that Malissa brings to Rockstar every day. Kiwi recounted to me a time when Malissa had given birth to one of her children and that on the same day as giving birth she was still answering emails and calls. Alongside Malissa’s drive and passion Kiwi’s favorite thing about Rockstar is Robert Martinez’s passion. Kiwi is driven to be as passionate about something one day as Robert is about Rockstar today. His confidence and love of Rockstar is a huge driving force for all of us here at Rockstar.

5 years from now Kiwi would like to see herself owning her own rental properties and homes that she has flipped. By the end of this year she would like to learn how to flip homes and set herself up for a successful future. Kiwi left me with a piece of advice for current and future Rockstar employees, “Be patient, be humble and be passionate.”

Thank you, Kiwi, for taking the time to sit down with me and tell your story as well as tell me your dreams for the future. Keep an eye out for next month’s Meet Our Rockstars article!


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