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Meet Our Rockstars: Stephania Gonzalez


Sarah Newman


March 13, 2020

In this month’s edition of Meet Our Rockstars I got the opportunity to sit down with one of our all-star property managers, Stephania Gonzalez. Stephania’s story is the third in our line of Meet Our Rockstars articles. In our last two additions we spoke with Aaron Twyman and Kiwi Hall, both of their stories can be found here on our blog page.

Stephania got her start in the multifamily industry 5 years ago when she was offered a leasing position. During this time, she was attending college and was only a part-time employee at the time. “With time I learned to love to work in the community and work became a full time and my college became more of a part-time for me,” Stephania said. Since starting with Rockstar Capital 3 years ago, Stephania became well known within Rockstar Capital for her ability to turn lower preforming properties into high performers.

“The credit to my success would go to both my parents being that they are the ones that have raised me,” Stephania said. Stephania always keeps a goal-oriented outlook and challenges herself to always be improving. Not all of Stephania’s challenges have been self-imposed, some of her biggest challenges were, “having to go from a 3 person community to a one person community,” and “the fire that happened at Bender Hollow when [she] was only one month in being the community manager,” she said. Despite having to face both of these challenges primarily on her own, Stephania had the help of her supervisor and other coworkers that helped her to pull through the unexpected fire at Bender Hollow and maintain the property at almost full capacity despite the circumstances.

Stephania really enjoyed being able to prove to herself her ability to do all the work that goes into running a community on her own and properly maintain it with minimal help. With her successes she earned the opportunity to be in her current position. Currently, Stephania is a property manager at Meadowbrook Apartments in Humble. “Meadowbrook is where I started as a leasing agent and assistant manager,” she said. She is excited to have the opportunity to become the property manager of the location where she started in the very beginning of her career with Rockstar. “It’s exciting to be able to now have a team at Meadowbrook and be able to teach them and to hopefully see them grow within the company,” Stephania said.

One of Stephania’s long term goals is to continue to grow and challenge herself within Rockstar to try to be promoted to a multi-site manager in the future. Stephania parted with what she loves about working at Rockstar, “I love that they have seen potential in me. What is great about the company is that they are constantly giving opportunities for employees to grow. The sense of family we have at the yearly gatherings is awesome.”

See our episode of the DailyRock featuring Stephania here;


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