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Meet Our Team: Green Meadows


Sarah Newman


July 22, 2020

Welcome to another edition of Meet Our Team! Last month, we had the amazing opportunity to get to know a little bit more about our leasing team at Deerbrook Gardens in Humble, Texas. This month we are driving all the way to Kieth Harrow Boulevard in Houston, Texas to meet our amazing team at Green Meadows Apartments. Green Meadows has been previously named as one of HAA’s Properties of The Year and also rank within the ORA Elite Top 1% for customer satisfaction.


Our leasing team at Green Meadows is made up of Bianca Delacruz, Property Manager and Cindy Diaz, Assistant Manager. As a two-person team they work their hardest to ensure that all of our residents are enjoying #RockstarLiving and are happy.


Bianca has been with Rockstar Capital since October of 2019, but this isn’t her first position in the multifamily industry. She has been working in our industry for 11 years and has ample experience in all positions. Bianca loves that Rockstar Capital is very hands on with their team members and that everyone knows everyone else, creating a tight knit family-like culture. She has the tough job of managing Green Meadows after Melyssa Freeman’s promotion, “There is a lot of change to keep up with, which I am used to and enjoy, but it is hard to convey that change to residents. Sometimes, when Melyssa is on the property, she is still stopped by residents for her help,” Bianca said. Despite the challenge of change for residents, Bianca is doing well with passing on all new information and is enjoying her position as Property Manager.


Cindy has also been with Rockstar Capital for 9 months but has extensive knowledge of our industry. She spent 12 years within the industry in Maryland and is enjoying learning how different Texas is with leasing rules. I asked Cindy what is the biggest challenge that she has faced so far, “The most challenging thing I have faced so far is trying to keep everyone happy. There is definitely a balance to keep,” she said.


Behind every great leasing team is an amazing maintenance team. At Green Meadows, Jose Rodriguez, Leonardo Torres, and Richard Quijada Gonzalez make up our hard-working team. They have many years of experience between them and work their hardest to ensure that everything is running smoothly behind the scenes at Green Meadows.


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