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Rockstar Capital Amenity Feature; Onsite Dog Parks


Sarah Newman


February 11, 2020

Rockstar Capital loves all of our residents, from human to furry. We strive to create value for all of our residents with our community amenities. One of these said amenities is our onsite dog park. More than just a fenced in area, we provide our residents and their pets with an agility course to keep themselves active and entertained.

As one of our most popular amenities, we feel that our dog parks bring our properties to another level. We want to be more than just pet friendly, we want to create a home that our residents and their furry pals can utilize and enjoy.

Being kept in a room all day can be no fun for our furry companions. Our dog parks allow our residents to quickly and easily get their pet some outdoors time. While there, dogs and their owners get an opportunity to meet and socialize with one another, making our parks a great place to meet fellow residents.

See some of our residents enjoying our community dog parks here;


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