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Rockstar Capital Celebrates Employees for Thanksgiving


Sarah Newman


December 5, 2019

Our employees are imperative to our success at Rockstar Capital. For Thanksgiving this year, we wanted to reflect on all that our employees do and take the time to show them how much we appreciate all of their hard work. We got everyone together on the Tuesday before the Thanksgiving holiday to share time together as coworkers and family. All different types of food where served, from traditional dishes to carne asada, everyone had something they loved to pick from. We’d like to thank all the employees that aided in food preparation and the set-up of this event.

Laura Puente, a Rockstar Multi-Site Manager, told us what she is thankful for this Thanksgiving, “I want to give thanks to all of our teams for doing their hard work, coming to work every single day, and giving their 100. Thank you, guys.” Miriam Hartman, an Assistant Manager for Rockstar Capital also took time to speak with us about what she is thankful for, “Just wanted to say thank you to Rockstar Capital Management for giving us this event to give us an opportunity to share with our coworkers, and share this Thanksgiving meal.”

Again, thank you to all of our employees. Without you dedication and hard work attitude, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Check out all the amazing food and great time our employees had this holiday season here;


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