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Rockstar Capital Helps Residents Be Handy with Maintenance Tips


Sarah Newman


April 14, 2020

Has your dishwasher ever broken, or have you had a light suddenly go out? Before you pick up your phone or log into your resident portal to submit a maintenance request, check out Rockstar Capital’s Maintenance Tips videos. These videos have been created specifically for our residents. Sometimes a seemingly big problem has a simple solution and we want to provide all the resources we can to our residents to get their home back up and running as soon as possible.


Our current Maintenance Tips video catalog consists of videos covering; Turning Off the Water, Proper Care and Feeding of Your Garbage Disposal, How to Reset a Circuit Breaker and My Dishwasher is Broken. With more videos in the works, we plan to give information on our resident’s most requested fixes that are also easy to do on your own. These videos not only help our residents but also help our maintenance team to be able to quickly access a request that may be more intricate and take more time to fix.


With every video covering a different topic, they help our residents to gather a lot of foundational knowledge that they can use to their benefit for years to come. Natalie Trivibulchaikul, Media Content Producer at Rockstar Capital and animator of the Maintenance Tips videos, said, “sometimes the answer to your problem is a very simple answer and our Maintenance Tips are a great way to figure out a solution.”  


Do you have a problem in your home that you just can’t seem to figure out? Before giving us a call, give our Maintenance Tips a watch!


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