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Rockstar Capital’s December Recap


Sarah Newman


December 31, 2019

December is a special month for everyone at Rockstar Capital. With it being the month of giving back and spreading cheer, Rockstar Capital likes to use December as a month to show our employees how thankful we are of them and their hard work. The celebrations begin the month prior with our employee’s Thanksgiving Celebration.

Our employees are imperative to our success at Rockstar Capital. For Thanksgiving this year, we wanted to reflect on all that our employees do and take the time to show them how much we appreciate all of their hard work. We got everyone together on the Tuesday before the Thanksgiving holiday to share time together as coworkers and family. All different types of food where served, from traditional dishes to carne asada, everyone had something they loved to pick from. We’d like to thank all the employees that aided in food preparation and the set-up of this event. Read our article on our Thanksgiving Celebration to hear more about what our employees are thankful for!

To see all the fun our Rockstar family had celebrating together check out our Youtube video here;

Next, Rockstar Capital donated over 1000 units of food to HAA for ABC Channel 13’s “Share your Holiday” program. The Houston Apartment Association held their 4th annual Competitive Food Drive to encourage apartment communities to donate to the cause. The challenge began on November 1st with the goal to collect as many food items as possible before drop off day on December 4th. Thanks to their challenge they were able to gather over 20,000 pounds of food for donation. In addition to their 10-ton donation of food, HAA also donated $13,378 to aid the Houston Food Bank in continuing their charitable work for the Houston population. Our blog post on the HAA Food Drive has more information on the event!

See our experience working with HAA to help our community here;

This year, Rockstar Capital held its biggest Christmas party yet! With almost 200 people in attendance, we had a blast kicking off the Christmas season festivities. At the Avenida Brazil Churrascaria employees were treated to a rodizio style dinner, raffle prizes, gift cards and companywide awards. We are so thankful to our sponsors who allowed us to give our employees over $8,000 in prizes during our Christmas event. Read more about this amazing event held for our employees here.

Our 37th episode of the #DailyRock shares all of the fun and touching moments we had during the party;

Lastly, Rockstar kicked off the Christmas celebration with our annual Christmas Dinner party and award dinner where employees were treated to a nice dinner, raffle prizes and company awards. This past Saturday, Rockstar held our Christmas event that we believe is truly special, our 3rd Annual Kid’s Christmas. Our Kid’s Christmas event is truly special to us and our employees. As our opportunity to give back to the children of our employees, we are sure to make this event special for all the families who attended. We really enjoyed being able to give back to our employee’s families for the third year in a row, read about Santa’s Wonderland here.

Check out all of the cheer and presents shared in Episode 38 of the #DailyRock;

We hope all of our readers have had an amazing Christmas and enjoy their New Year celebrations! Happy Holidays from Rockstar Capital.


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