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Rockstar Capital Starts 2020 Off with Education and Advancement


Sarah Newman


January 28, 2020

With the whole year ahead of us, Rockstar wants to get off on the right foot. Big changes and substantial growth are coming in 2020 and we want our employees to be prepared for the success that lies ahead of us. “We are here to start off Rockstar 2020 with our development education with our teams and we are going to be going over budgets, and all sorts of new information,” said Rosa Linda Posey, Rockstar’s Vice President of Operations. Both Rosie and Malissa Alvarado, our Chief Operating Officer, lead the operations, budget and report information side of our two-part training course.

Not only did Rosie and Malissa guide our property managers and leasing agents towards the best course of action for current operating standards, they also kept the floor open for any questions or open discussions to be had around these topics. This allowed everyone in the room to be of help to their fellow manager or agent, a trend we hope to see continue through the year when our employees require assistance. “Whatever makes it easier for you and is the right process, then that is what we want to do,” Rosie said.

After a long lecture on reports and budgets, Rosie and Malissa broke everyone up into groups and gave them a puzzle to solve. This exercise was not only used to get our employees off their feet after learning more about reports but to also facilitate teamwork and collaboration among our employees. “The key is to work as a team to solve the puzzle,” Malissa explained. The winners of course won some Starbucks gift cards to take home and enjoy. “This is kind of like your budget, looking at it, working as a team and brining it all together so that you can be successful and finish on top,” Rosie said after the challenge was completed.

The second half of our first Rockstar training session of the year was all about marketing, social media and lead management. Lead by Caleb Bartlett, our Director of Digital Marketing, we wanted to give our employees knowledge of the importance of marketing and social media when it comes to lead generation. “We are going to be going over some of our digital marketing practices to better enhance our Rockstar communities,” Caleb said.

Along with teaching lead management, Caleb also wants to ensure that all Rockstar practices that are in place are feasible. We used this training time to hear back from our employees and helped them gather the tools to be able to perform at high levels. “I am super excited for what is coming in 2020. Again, couldn’t be more excited about the leasing material we went over, it’s going to have a huge impact on our day to day and the processes that we are doing in 2020,” Caleb said after training.

“Our new vision is going to be empowering our teams and ensuring that they have the right tools to be successful in this new year of Rockstar 2020.” Rosie said. We are so glad that we had the opportunity to sit down with our employees and learn from them as much as they learned from us. Thank you to Maintenance Supply Headquarters for allowing us to use your training classroom during our two day training session.


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