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Rockstar Capital’s July Anniversaries


Sarah Newman


July 23, 2020

At Rockstar Capital, our team members mean a lot to us! That is, of course, no surprise. We want to take the time to recognize the Rockstars who have stuck with us for a year or more. Congratulations to everyone who is celebrating an anniversary this month, we are so happy to have you all on #TeamRockstar!


Jennifer Byers

July 4th – 4 years


Leonardo Torres

July 9th – 2 years


Alvaro Leija

July 10th – 1 year


Hytzel Cortez

July 11th – 3 years


Rafael Rivera

July 11th – 3 years


Pedro Mendez

July 11th – 3 years


Laura Puente

July 12th – 3 years

Juan Morataya

July 12th – 3 years


Stephania Gonzalez

July 12th – 3 years


Catarino Ibarra

July 12th – 3 years


Stephany Cerda

July 20th – 2 years


Belen Tovar

July 22nd – 1 year


Natalie Trivibulchaikul

July 22nd – 1 year

Stacy Salazar

July 24th – 1 year


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