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Rockstar Employees and Residents Show Their Pride During Rockstar Spirit Week


Sarah Newman


April 9, 2020

The excitement is building as Rockstar Capital’s annual Spirit Week is quickly approaching! During this week, which will be from April 13th to April 17th, Rockstar Capital’s employees and residents will participate in differently themed days every day of the week. This year we have a lot of fun themes planned for everyone to enjoy.


April 13th will start the week off with a classic groovy theme, tie-dye day! We want to see all of our residents and employees sporting their best multi-colored clothing. Clashing isn’t an issue here, the more tie-dye you have on, the better.


April 14th is your opportunity to live large and dress like a rock star. Show your inner musician and showman with your coolest clothing. Get ready to rock the day away with your fellow musicians this coming Tuesday. We can’t wait to see how much you all rock!


Wednesday, April 15th is when we want our employees and residents to bring out their foam fingers and show their dedication to their team. On jersey day, we want to see your team pride! You may see some of your rivals out today, but we want to be sure to keep the banter friendly. Let everyone know how great your team is by showing off all of your sports swag.


We are going to keep it comfy on April 16th next week. Show off your pajama game during our pajama day! We want to see you showoff the comfiest clothing in your closet. Have a super comfy onesie that you haven’t shown off to your friends yet? How about a pajama set with your favorite superhero? Show us this coming Thursday.


Spirit week wraps up with Rockstar Pride Day on April 17th. Let us know what makes you so prideful to be a Rockstar employee or resident! We want to see how you are #ProudToBeARockstar with your favorite Rockstar clothing.


We hope that you chose to join us for this year’s spirit week! We can’t wait to see all the spirit you have and how much you love being a part of the Rockstar Capital family.


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