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Rockstar Perks: 3D Tours


Sarah Newman


July 28, 2020

Staying home and practicing social distancing is becoming the new norm for everyone across the globe. So, the question many renters are asking themselves is, how do I look for my next home the safest way possible? Thankfully, Rockstar Capital has you covered with our amazing 3D tours. The world of leasing has changed a lot in a short amount of time, and we have been ready for a time when renters no longer wanted to visit onsite to rent their apartments. On top of our amazing community amenities, our 3D tours are sure to wow you.


See It All

Our 3D tours enable you to see our model up close and personal. Almost like transporting to another part of the globe, our tours transform any space you’re in into our model unit. What’s better than not having to leave your current home to look at your new one? Being able to tour our communities on your own time! All of our 3D tours are located on our websites which means you are able to take a tour on your own schedule, even if our office isn’t open.


Take Some Measurements

No one moves to a new home alone; you always have your valuables to bring along with you! Make sure your furniture will fit with our built-in measurement tool. Get accurate measurements of any space within our model unit so you know come move-in that everything will fit in nicely. Do more than just view a floor plan with our 3D platform.


Share with Loved Ones

See what your friends and family think of your potential new home! Share a gif or a link to our 3D tours and invite your loved ones to take a look too. Take full advantage of the capabilities of online leasing.


Give our 3D tours a try when you’re looking for your next apartment home. You can find them on each of our property websites.


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