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Rockstar’s Shift at Houston Food Bank a Great Start


Sarah Newman


November 14, 2019

Some members of Rockstar Capital’s corporate team took time out of their schedules to work a shift at the Houston Food Bank pantry. The team spent the shift putting together and taping boxes that were then taken to be filled with canned food and placed on pallets. During the 3 hour shift our team and the other volunteers were able to fill 60 pallets worth of boxes with food in them. This is the first round of volunteer opportunities that Rockstar Capital will be participating in over the coming months.

This year we have decided to turn our #RockstarCares day into an entire #RockstarCares year! Our employee members will be breaking off into smaller groups to volunteer throughout the year. With this Cares Day rework, we are hoping to do more good in our communities over a longer period of time. Be sure to keep an eye on our social media accounts to see when we will be volunteering next!


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