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#RockstarCares About Our Team Members


Sarah Newman


May 7, 2020

Let’s face it, right now times are tough and the last thing we want our teams worrying about is our commitment to them. At Rockstar Capital, our team members and their families are always at the forefront of our minds when we are strategizing on what actions to take next. For those reasons we not only quickly closed our offices and made a plan on how to handle emergency maintenance requests, but we have continued to provide our teams with training and our #RockstarCares Pay program has distributed a total of $500 to all Rockstar team members to aid with COVID-19 relief.


In conjunction with our quick action of closing our offices to the general public for the safety of our teams, we provided training over best practices when dealing with tours and general health guidelines to ensure that everyone was well educated on how to keep themselves and others in mind when performing everyday tasks. This week, we distributed 200 cloth face masks to all team members across all of our 21 properties to aid further in keeping them protected.


In our line of business, maintenance requests are a daily occurrence.We have worked to implement our Maintenance Tips to not only help our residents to feel more secure in their homes and perform their own small fixes but also allow our maintenance team to focus on high priority and emergency requests. We have covered many different fixes in our Maintenance Tips series, such as; Turning off the Water, Proper Care and Feeding of your Garbage Disposal, How to Reset a Circuit Breaker, My Dishwasher is Broken and Resetting GFCI Plugs.


For the past two months, Rockstar Capital has provided its team members with a #RockstarCares Pay of $250. We wanted to say thank you to all of our teams who work every day on the front lines to provide our residents with excellent service and help our future residents find the home of their dreams despite world events. We appreciate all of the hard work that continues to go into each and every single one of our properties daily.


Rockstar Capital takes pride in the fact that we have not performed a single layoff due to COVID-19. Additionally, we have even reached out to our residents to inform them that we are currently looking for talent and are hiring. If you are interested in being a member of our Rockstar Team, visit our careers tab for more information on the positions that we offer and how to apply.


We know that our teams work hard for us every single day and we want to be sure that they know we appreciate all that they do for us. Thank you, Team Rockstar, for continuing to show our residents dedication and top-quality service!


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