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Steeplechase Apartments Celebrates Valentine’s Day With Residents


Sarah Newman


February 18, 2020

This Valentine’s Day we had a lot to love at Steeplechase! From our amazing residents to our hardworking staff, we were ready to celebrate the day of love. Currently at Steeplechase we have a lot of projects going on to bring the community up to the Rockstar standard. These improvements include; a new fountain, landscaping work, new and improved laundry rooms, brand new pool furniture and, last but not least, a newly expanded and reworked front office.

With all of these improvements going on, we wanted to give our residents the opportunity to stop by and check it out for themselves. With sweets, snacks and activities, we were prepared to have a lot of people come by and see the value that we have added to their home. We were so happy with the amount of people that showed up and we would like to thank everyone that took the time to drop by and wish us a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Creating a space that our residents can call home is what being a Rockstar Resident is all about. We hope that our residents enjoyed coming in to see us and our new office, we hope to see you all at the next community event! Thank you to Amber and Stacey for taking time out of your schedules to host such a great event for your residents.


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