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Tips on Managing Kids While Working from Home


Sarah Newman


April 24, 2020

Almost everyone has made the transition into life being lived from one household. From work to school, we have made the change from an in-person experience to one that is primarily online and with that comes the management of not only work-related tasks but, for parents, schooling and daycare. Today, we are going to cover some tips on managing your work time and schooling time, activities to keep your children entertained and some positive screen time related activities for them to enjoy while you are in your third Zoom meeting of the day.


Vox urges parents to not expect to work at your normal capacity with the kids at home. “Everyone is going to be less productive during this time. Being proactive with employers and co-workers and setting realistic expectations about what you can accomplish is necessary to prevent misunderstandings down the line. First, figure out what your optimal working hours will be, when you’ll be most available, and how much you think you can get done, says Jaime Klein, the CEO of Inspire Human Resources.” Most likely, you will be working unconventional working hours. During nap time or after dinner are most likely the times when you will be able to get the most work done. “Anderson recommends setting a maximum of five goals for the day: one or two things you really need to accomplish at work, one or two things you want your kids to accomplish, and one family or partner activity, even if it’s crashing on the couch to watch TV for 30 minutes.”


Distance learning is a challenge for all ages but setting a schedule for your children may help them flourish with their work and allow you to plan out your day effectively. “The most important thing is that kids need some sort of structure, whatever that routine and structure looks like for that family. That’s what’s been the most helpful,’ says Jennifer Quinn, a school librarian and former elementary school teacher based in upstate New York,” from Vox. Keeping younger children entertained may be the most challenging. Taking a drive to your local dollar store to stock up on cheap toys or putting together an activity for them to do will help keep them entertained without being on their screens. You can try some activities like these; Free Printables, Monster Blow Paintings, Kid-made Bunting, Easy Contact Paper Mandalas, Velcro Dot Craft Sticks, Sticker Drawings or an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt.


Lastly, more screen time for all age groups is inevitable. If you want your children to be entertained and do a little learning while they are having fun, Vox recommends these webpages for hours of educational entertainment;


Monterey Bay Aquarium

All ages: Offers an array of live cams to watch animals like sharks and sea otters in their aquarium habitats.


Cosmic Kids

3- to 6-year-olds: A YouTube yoga series that tells a story while also promoting movement.


Cincinnati Zoo

2- to 10-year-olds: Educators and keepers at the zoo do Facebook Live “Home Safaris” and then offer an activity to do at home.


Mo Willems

3- to 10-year-olds: The beloved artist and writer does a “lunchtime doodle” once a day with the Kennedy Center.


Art for Kids Hub

2- to 10-year-olds: Art lessons on everything from drawing to origami to sculpting, with videos organized by age range.


Amazon Prime

All ages: Amazon just announced it is making some of its kids’ programming available without a Prime membership.


Story Time From Space

6- to 10-year-olds: Astronauts read books aloud while the text and images from the book are displayed on the screen.


Khan Academy

10- to 17-year-olds: A free service providing math and SAT practice.


Camp Broadway

10- to 17-year-olds: An educational livestream featuring theater pros involved in all aspects of productions.


American Museum of Natural History

All ages: The New York museum is offering a variety of online content.


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