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Tips on Moving to Your New Home Safely


Sarah Newman


May 21, 2020

Have you found the apartment home of your dreams at one of our communities? Congratulations! The next step after signing paperwork is move-in but with current worldwide events, how do you get the things you need to make your move as easy as possible? Today, we will be going over some tips on moving from your current home to the next.


Can I Move to a New State During COVID-19? 

Kurt Manwaring with had this to say, “You can probably move to a new state during COVID-19, but we recommend you check with your moving company and local government offices to see if your move has been affected by orders restricting travel and gatherings.” While moving across state lines be sure to limit your travel and continue to practice social distancing. “Be sure to check with the state you are moving to, the state you are moving from, and any state you plan to travel through on your way,” says Kurt.


What is The Best Way to Disinfect my Personal Belongings?

The CDC recommends cleaning frequently used items and surfaces as often as possible with “household cleaners and EPA-registered disinfectants that are appropriate for the surface, following label instructions.” Before moving into your new home be sure to properly and thoroughly disinfect all surfaces. Rockstar Capital sanitizes each unit after a move-out is performed. If you’re moving to an apartment community be sure to ask the leasing team if your home has been sanitized before your move-in.

How Else Could COVID-19 Affect my Move?

Kurt Manwaring lists some ways your move can be affected by the current pandemic:

“The full consequences of COVID-19 aren’t known, but there are several ways the pandemic could potentially affect your move:

·      Temporary government orders in the cities you are moving to and from could prevent you from moving.

·      Temporary government orders could prevent you from eating at restaurants en route to your new home.

·      Potential grocery store shortages could prevent you from stocking up the fridge at your new home.

·      Widespread transmission of COVID-19 and moving company policies could limit the number of workers available to help with your move.

·      Social distancing guidelines could prevent family, friends, and hired labor from gathering in groups of 10 or more and standing within six feet of each other while loading and unloading your moving truck.

·      Money received via a federal government economic stimulus plan could be saved for moving expenses when life gets back to normal.

·      An increase in demand can result in hours-long hold times to reach customer service representatives to set up internet services, ask mortgage questions, and possibly even book your movers.”

Where do I get the Latest Information About Moving During Coronavirus?

A great resource is, the website where most information in this article is sourced from. They continue to monitor how COVID-19 is affecting everyone’s ability to move and they update their articles weekly.

For more moving information check out Kurt Manwaring’s article on here.


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