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Owner & Operator

When you invest with Rockstar Capital, we put our hard earned money right alongside yours. As both the owner and operator of your investment, we go above and beyond to bring you the best possible returns.

Whereas other companies would hire a third-party management company to run their community to sit back and collect a paycheck, we ensure that each investment is run by the award-winning Rockstar Capital team. They're the best in our industry, and to run a multi-million dollar business, they have to be.

Passive & Massive Returns

In 2019, Rockstar Capital returned approximately $12 Million to its investors, a record which we have continuously broken year over year.

In fact, last we sold an asset which represented a 673% IRR for our investors over just a seven year lifecycle. When you pair this with 12 100% cash out refinance events in eight years, it's clear that Rockstar Capital plays to win, not just for our team, but our investors.

transparency & Availability

We want to provide you with an unprecedented investment experience, where you can get a look behind the curtain at our daily operations.

Follow us on social media to see our story progress everyday or get in touch with our investor relations team. Either way, when you invest with Rockstar Capital, we give the time and attention you deserve.

Investor Testimonial

"I pulled the last of what I generated in my 401k for my first investment with Robert. which had returns that lead to me investing in 14 more deals"

Investor Testimonial

"They are masterful operators who can really take properties that can take properties which are distressed, boot up operations, and cashflow very consistently. Within our (investment) portfolio, they are the highest performing properties."

iNvestor Testimonial

"I listened to Robert introduce the Waterchase opportunity and could see he had a vision for what it could be. I shared that vision and invested. After that, the record speaks for itself."


the apartment rockstar

Robert holds an Engineering Degree from Texas A&M University and is the only two time winner of the National Apartment Association Independent Rental Owner of the Year Paragon Award. Under Robert’s visionary leadership, Rockstar Capital and its team have earned 19 city, state and national apartment awards as well as being named as high as #15 in the Fast 100 Fastest growing companies with the Houston Business Journal. Growing total units to over 4,567 units across 23 apartment communities. Robert shares a passion for soccer with his two boys, Ryan and Conner and enjoys supporting their daily efforts in local club soccer.


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frequently asked questions

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How long is a typical investment?

The length of a given investment varies greatly from deal to deal, but it's safe to assume a typical investment will last seven years or longer. There are exceptions to this general rule, but it's important to keep in mind that these are long-term investments.

What are the minimum requirements to invest?

The minimum investment amount is $50,000.

At this time, we only allow accredited investors to participate in our deals. .

What does it take to be considered an Accredited Investor?

You must have a net worth of at least $1,000,000, excluding the value of one's primary residence, or have income at least $200,000 each year for the last two years (or $300,000 combined income if married) and have the expectation to make the same amount this year.

You can read the SEC's official definition here.

How often can I expect distributions?

Typically we will distribute once per quarter after the property has become stabilized and is producing adequate cashflow. We also provide monthly reports on your investments performance which are uploaded to the investor portal towards the end of each month.

photo of robert martinez

"You back the jockey, not the horse."

Robert Martinez is the Founder and CEO of Rockstar Capital, an investment and multi-family property management firm specializing in the acquisition and management of value-add opportunities across Texas. Currently, the portfolio consists of 3,762 units across 21 communities. As the CEO and founder, Robert Martinez directs the investment strategy, sources the investment capital, and secures the appropriate financing.

Since 2011, Rockstar Capital Management has become one of the most decorated property management companies in Texas with 17 City, State, and National Apartment Associations awards. Other industry achievements include Top-Rated status by ApartmentRatings.com for the entire Rockstar portfolio from 2015-2018 and the distinction of being ranked the #4 multifamily management company in Texas and for online reputation by J Turner Research. In all, five Rockstar Capital communities ranked in the Top 1% nationally (out of over 116,000 communities) for online resident satisfaction.

Most recently, Rockstar Capital was included in the prestigious Houston Business Journal Fast 100 for the second consecutive year (2018 & 2019). Robert was also named an Honoree on HBJ's Most Admired CEO List in 2019 and Rockstar Capital received its first international recognition as a Great Place to Work, achieving Silver Rank from the Stevie Awards.

Robert Martinez, CEO

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