April Showers Bring May Flowers but What Now?



April 13, 2021

We all love the change in the weather come March and April, but as we leave our homes to enjoy it, rain comes to pay us a visit. Here inTexas, this weather may be the best we experience all summer until fall comes again.

Here are some things you can do to continue to enjoy these short-lived spring days despite all of the rain coming down to wake up the flowers. If out in public, be sure to enjoy your time out safely.

Visit Your Local Museum

The local museums in Houston have been re-opened for sometime now and are bringing their A-Game when it comes to their exhibits. (Have you seen those great ads on Facebook? I know I have.)

If you're in an area too far from downtown, consider taking a tour of our apartment communities on a sunny day. We have 22 in the greaterHouston area, all of which are not too far from downtown life.

Better yet, we have many excellent museums in the Houston area, and a few of them are free to gain entry to. How could you beat that?


Have a DIY Spa Day

Admit it, you've needed to relax and unwind for some time now, and a DIY spa day is exactly what you have been craving. Our sunlit interiors are perfect for letting in the filtered light from a rainy day, and the sound of rain on a window is genuine.

You could make it as simple as a face mask and some hot towels or make it fancy with an Epsom salt-filled soak in the tub. The choice is yours, and we hope you enjoy it.

You could do so much more with a rainy day, like cook in the kitchen, organizing your home, or having a movie marathon. We hope you're able to make the most of your rainy days!


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