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Due Diligence Is Underway at City Crossing Apartments


Sarah Newman


September 15, 2020

Rockstar Capital is preparing to add our biggest property yet to our portfolio of 3,762 units. City Crossing was built in 1981 and contains a total of 458 apartment homes. With a current occupancy of 92%, Rockstar Capital is excited to create more value for City Crossing residents. City Crossing has one, two- and three-bedroom apartment homes for our residents to enjoy. 148 of the apartment homes at City Crossing have been newly upgraded with black appliances, modern lighting, upgraded sinks, etc. We are excited to create a space that the community around City Crossing will be happy to call home.

What Is Happening Now?

Currently, our team is in the process of due diligence at City Crossing. When it comes to due diligence at a new apartment community, it's all hands on deck for our team. Our operations and marketing team are hard at work, ensuring that everything is in place before we close on the property. Our team is hard at work at gathering flyers, brochures, logos, and artwork. On the backend, we ensure that the transition to a different resident software is as smooth as possible for our current residents at City Crossing.

Why Due Diligence?

Due diligence is a necessary process in the grand scheme of a property take over. We work our hardest to ensure that the transition from the previous owner of the property to us goes smoothly as possible; we also want to see the areas where we can improve our residents' community. We check to see the quality of all apartment homes during this process, where we can add value, and what needs fixing. It is never our goal to acquire a new property and leave it as is. We always work hard to bring all of our communities up to our Rockstar standard.

We are so excited to add City Crossing and its residents to our Rockstar family! As we begin the rehab process, we will share all of our changes and additions with our readers.


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