More Properties Have Joined the List! May’s epIQ Rankings


Sarah Newman


June 2, 2020

Our properties continue to be named the top in the nation! 16 Rockstar Capital properties have been named as the top in the nation when it comes to their epIQ scores. We have seen a significant jump in the number of properties named on this monthly list, from 8 properties in March to now 16. Congratulations to all of the onsite teams whose property made the list, we appreciate all of your hardwork and dedication to our communities.


What is epIQ?

An epIQ score is based upon four basic principles; renter ratings, manager review response rate, review volume and manager review response time. All of these factors are very important to us at Rockstar Capital. We believe that every resident should have an opportunity to have their voice heard, positive or negative. Our residents are never afraid to tell us what they think, and we are never afraid to take their feedback seriously. For a more detailed explanation of the epIQ Index read SatisFacts’ blog post on it here.


What’s to Come from SatisFacts

SatisFacts, the company who invented epIQ scores, had this to say when it came to what they have in store for management companies;


“Our phased implementation of the epIQ Index onto the ApartmentRatings website will soon reach a new milestone with the introduction of an entirely new page type – Management Company Pages. These new pages provide important information related to the companies that manage the countless communities on ApartmentRatings. Links to each of the company’s community pages will allow renters to search for communities based on management company – allowing for a new ability for renters to remain loyal to a management company as they move from one community to another. The company level epIQ Index report card will also be available to provide renters with the ability to see overall epIQ performance across entire portfolios.”

How We Ranked


Ranked #1

Park at Deerbrook

Score: 99.15

LetterGrade: A+


Ranked #2

Northlake Manor

Score: 99.14

LetterGrade: A+


Ranked #3

Westwood Village

Score: 98.45

LetterGrade: A+


Ranked #6

Deerbrook Forest

Score: 98.33

LetterGrade: A+


Ranked #10

Brookmore Hollow

Score: 97.88

LetterGrade: A+


Ranked #22

Deerbrook Garden

Score: 96.42

LetterGrade: A+


Ranked #23

Cedar Ridge

Score: 96.35

LetterGrade: A+


Ranked #37

Oak Tree

Score: 95.22

LetterGrade: A+


Ranked #75

Westport Apartments

Score: 93.88

LetterGrade: A


Ranked #84

Palms at Chimney Rock

Score: 93.76

LetterGrade: A


Ranked #89

Green Meadows

Score: 93.56

LetterGrade: A


Ranked #117

Bender Hollow

Score: 92.96

LetterGrade: A


Ranked #134

Reserve on Garth Road

Score: 92.72

LetterGrade: A


Ranked #147

The Cove at Ingleside

Score: 92.58

LetterGrade: A


Ranked #175


Score: 92.17

LetterGrade: A

To download and view the list click here.


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