Prep For The Heat With These Dog Treats


Sarah Newman


April 27, 2021

Summer level temperatures are on their way, but there are so many yummy treats to help your Pup beat the heat. It's spring now, but inTexas, we all know spring is a one- or two-day affair. These cooling dog treats will be at the ready when the heat comes to town to ruin our spring fun.


These recipes can be tweaked for use with your cat pals as well, but please be sure you are using cat-safe ingredients before giving them anything to chew on. These treats may require some additional tools for shaping and freezing, but these ingredients are very commonplace and easy to find.


Frozen Kong Treat

This is a trick I learned way before I was a part of TeamRockstar and worked during my college years at a doggy daycare business. All you will need to re-create this treat is:


Your preferred size of Kong Dog Toy (The classic red toy works best.)

Peanut butter

A Silicone Spatula

Your Pup's dry dog food


Take your Kong Dog Toy and fill the inside of it with your dry dog food. You should stop filling about an inch from the top where the top's indent is before the three bumps that the toy consists of. If you're confused, please see the below diagram.


Fill the remaining space using your peanut butter and a silicone spatula. If desired, top with a few more pieces of food or blueberries. After the filling is complete, place the Kong in the freezer until peanut butter is solid.


Once solid, give it to your Pup to enjoy when you are ready!


Frozen PB or Fruit Bones


Enough about my DIY treats. For something extraordinary, give these treats from The Dog People a try! Speaking of something extraordinary, all of our apartment communities are pet-friendly and home to many furry roommates. (


We would love to see what you come up with to keep your puppy cool! Don't forget to share all of your summer pics on our social media pages here.


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