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Rockstar Capital Named a Top Management Company in The Nation


Sarah Newman


September 1, 2020

Rockstar Capital has been named a top management company by ApartmentRatings and SatisFacts. In Houston and Texas, we ranked as the second-best management company and 17th in the nation! In their biannual report, ApartmentRatings ranked all the best property management companies with more than 25 communities and 10 to 24 communities. We are so honored to have made this list as we work hard to ensure that our communities are happy.

How We Were Scored

The "Experience & Performance Intelligence Quotient (epIQ) Index" is a single performance metric powered by verified ApartmentRatings & SatisFacts data, designed to be the most authentic, transparent, and actionable industry metric for renters and multifamily professionals alike. What is it? Presented in an easily understood letter grade/report card format, the epIQ Index delivers the most authentic, relevant, and actionable resident experience and community performance data over a rolling 365-day period. Use epIQ to make strategic decisions throughout your entire organization - driving higher value at community and portfolio levels. The epIQ Index is comprised of 4 primary variables, measured over the most recent 365-day period and updated daily - meaning that every day is an opportunity to improve your community & portfolio epIQ results.

How It's Calculated

Each variable is assigned a weight based on the latest renter behaviors and preferences, determined through extensive primary market research and feedback from real renters. The "Renter Ratings" variable is calculated by simply finding the average of all ratings from reviews & surveys and then multiplying by 20 to convert the 5-star scale to a 100-point scale. "Manager Review Engagement" is the straight percentage of studies with manager responses for a given community. The "Review Count" and "Manager Review Reply Time" category grades are determined using a percentile, i.e., how they rank, as a percent, compared to the industry.

Why It's Important

Too often, ApartmentRatings found that renters and industry operators were using very different, and often ambiguous, measurements to determine the same thing - how effectively management companies can attract, retain, and satisfy their residents throughout the entire renter lifecycle.


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