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Rockstar Capital Ranked #2 on ApartmentRatings’ Top 100 Management Companies List


Sarah Newman


February 20, 2020

Rockstar Capital has been ranked 2nd out of 100 other management companies on ApartmentRatings’ epIQ Index Top 100 Management Companies with 10-24 communities within their portfolio. “Powered by verified ApartmentRatings and SatisFacts data, the ‘Experience & Performance Intelligence Quotient (epIQ) Index’ delivers the most authentic, relevant, and actionable information determined by real renters to best represent their experience as both residents & prospects as well as the performance of management throughout the entire renter lifecycle,” explained by SatisFacts’ blog.

Simplified, the epIQ Index is a score given to a company’s portfolio or individual properties that is based upon four basic variables; Renter Ratings, Manager Review Response Rate, Review Volume and Manager Review Response Time. For viewing on their websites, an epIQ Grade is broken down into a “Report Card” that shows where a property excels and where they need work. These scores are calculated into a total that then is given a letter grade according to their scale. Rockstar Capital has earned a score of 92.56 and a letter grade of A for the entirety of the 2019 calendar year. We have inserted an example report card and a letter grade distribution scale below.


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