Rockstar Capital’s First Ever Rockstar Tour A Huge Success


Sarah Newman


March 3, 2020

Months of work has finally paid off with the huge success of The Rockstar Tour! February 27th and 28th were packed full of value for our current and potential investors. “There has been a lot of work leading up to this,” Jonathan Richter, Executive Brand Strategist, said about the event. Jonathan, a member of Rockstar Capital’s marketing team, was an integral part of planning and organizing this event directly with our Hilton contact. We had many team members from marketing to onsite employees that worked to ensure that our two-day event went over smoothly and successfully. Tracey Tyler, VP of Marketing & Innovation, said, “I could not be prouder of our team tonight and we are so excited to show the 150 guests what Rockstar Capital is all about, what makes us different and how they can start investing with Rockstar.”

During Friday’s Investor Mixer and Education Session, we had multiple speakers come in and talk to our attendees about the basics of Multifamily. D.J. McClure, Director of Sales at National Flood Experts, was one of our sponsors that had a chance to tell us about what he does professionally. In addition, Brandon Brown, Managing Partner at LMI Capital, and Justin Boyer, Director of Market Analytics at Costar Group, spoke to our attendees about market trends, marketing, making deals and underwriting. We also announced one of our two newest deals, making everyone who attended the mixer the very first to hear of the news. With time to network at the end of the night, everyone had an opportunity to meet follow investors and ask the questions they wanted answered.

Friday morning started off bright and early for our ticket holders. With check-in open we were preparing to show everyone 4 of our top 1% rated properties from our portfolio that have all returned 100% back to our investors. At our first stop, Deerbrook Forest, we enjoyed some breakfast with attendees before showing them our Virtual Leasing Center, VLC, that we implement on our properties to ensure that we are always able to show prospects our floor plans no matter the circumstances. “We want to make sure we are ready for tomorrow today,” Robert Martinez, CEO of Rockstar Capital, said. Our VLCs also include Amazon’s Alexa, which enables our residents to check community events, make rent payments and submit maintenance requests. After taking a walk on our Golden Brick Road, seeing our community amenities and taking a look at our model apartment, we were off to our second stop. At Park at Deerbrook, we took everyone from our front office to our model, all the while they were learning about when the property was built and what Rockstar has done to increase its value since acquisition. “We knew there was an opportunity to grow here,” Robert said. After a long drive from Humble to Rosenberg, we stopped at our third location, Westwood Village. Here we stopped to take a lunch break before taking in the views and amenities on property. “The most important person on the team is the property manager, the one sitting in the chair,” Robert told the tour attendees.

We wrapped up Friday with a visit to our fourth stop, Brookmore Hollow, and another investor mixer and education session. Join us next week to find out how the tour ended!


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