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Rockstar is Full Steam Ahead at City Crossing Apartments


Sarah Newman


December 17, 2020

Rockstar Capital has been hard at work since our takeover of City Crossing Apartments in Houston, Texas, on November 23rd. Since then, our teams and vendors have worked hard to get everything up to the Rockstar standard. We have begun repainting our buildings, repairing siding, making concrete repairs, and more. Rockstar has a lot planned for the future of City Crossing, so be sure to come back to stay up to date on all of our improvements and upgrades as we work our way through the rehab process of City Crossing.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the newest episode of the Daily Rock here:

In it, we go over all of the changes and opportunities we have to transform City Crossing into a Rockstar community. Want to know what City Crossing was like before we got on the scene? Check out this Daily Rock episode on our Due Diligence process:

As you can tell, we are ready to take full advantage of all of the hidden potentials that City Crossing has to offer us. Our goal is to take City Crossing and transform it into a community that our residents are happy to call their home.

There are so many great things in store when it comes to the improvements we will be making to City Crossing. Be sure you don't miss what is going on by tuning into the Daily Rock or reading our blog posts here!


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