Rockstar's 2020 Recap


Sarah Newman


January 5, 2021

2020 has been a wild ride of a year for all participants, and for Rockstar, it hasn't been any different. From our first-ever Rockstar Tour to our very first office and everything in-between, Rockstar has had a busy 2020. We want to take a moment and reflect on all the changes and additions we made this year, and we want to take you on the ride with us.

So, join us as we reflect and recount all of the fantastic things we accomplished this year. Watch out 2021. Rockstar Capital is more ready than ever to take you on!

Rockstar's Tour

All of our teams came together to make our very first tour a reality. From the marketing team that helped to plan the event to investor relations that ensured we would have some fantastic attendees. This tour took hard work from all of our team members. Better yet, Robert Martinez, CEO of Rockstar Capital and The Apartment Rockstar, was able to get up on stage and speak to new and seasoned investors about the importance of investing and understanding the market.

You wouldn't believe it, but we caught it all on film! Thanks to our fantastic production team for putting these together for us. Check out our DailyRock Recaps below.

We Gave Back to Our Team

The COVID-19 pandemic hit America in January and spread from that point onwards. During this time, our teams were still dedicated to the front lines and to serving their communities. As a thank you for all of their work and sacrifices, Rockstar Capital gave $250 to every team member in April and May for a total of $500 in aid to our teams.

Our teams continue to stay dedicated to serving their residents and communities. We are so thankful for the dedication of each of them.

Rockstar Gives Back to The Community

Since the pandemic hit during the public-school year and shut down many schools for months, many school-aged children weren't getting the meals that they were used to receiving from their schools. To help with this struggle that our community was facing, Rockstar donated 1000 meals to the Houston Food Bank in May of 2020. Those meals went out to help our neighbors across the Houston Food Bank's 18-county service area.

This wasn't our first time working with the Houston Food Bank. Over the years, we have donated our time and effort through shifts worked and food drives at our communities to help our Houstonian neighbors.

Rockstar Found a New Home

2020 was a pivotal year for Rockstar. We have found our first home for our corporate team. During Rockstar's beginning in 2011, our management team worked primarily at home and gathered together for collaborative work and meetings at our communities. Now, our team collaborates and has morning meetings daily, ensuring that our finger always stays close to the pulse when it comes to managing our portfolio.

Despite a pandemic, Team Rockstar has genuinely enjoyed having the opportunity to see each other daily. Without Sam Morris and Tracey Tyler's hard work, our office couldn't come together as quickly or smoothly.

We Added New Awards to Our Shelf

Last year didn't slow Rockstar down, and that applies to our award wins as well. In 2020, Rockstar continued to add to our list of achievements and city, state, and national recognition. This year Rockstar made the HBJ Fast 100 list for the 3rd year in a row, won HAA's Property of The Year Award with Westwood Village, and made the Inc. 5000 list. We are proud of our awards won in 2020, but with 2021 being here, we are looking forward to adding even more to our list this year.

Rockstar Acquired a New Property

City Crossing Apartments is a community that we knew we had to get our hands-on. After our due diligence process, we finalized the property takeover and have since started our Rehab process.

We have made many additions since our take over in November, and we have many more planned for 2021. Keep an eye out for our 30-day update video to see all of the additions and enhancements we have made since day one.

We Promoted Our Team Members and Added New Ones

For our teams, 2020 was a massive year of opportunity as we tap into the potential we have been growing towards since 2011. With this growth comes promotions, and we love nothing more than to see our team members grow with us. There were many promotions from our onsite teams to our management team with Aaron Twyman and Ashley Khalaf. Both of these promotions were huge wins for the individuals and Rockstar. Being stewards of our team member's careers is one of our focuses when we have so much room for our teams to grow and flourish.

In addition to promoting our team, our team grew this year as well! Ian Douglas joined our management team in August of 2020. With his guidance, we have been able to implement a new resident software, OneSite, that has increased our resident portal's quality and made the management of residents a bit easier for our onsite teams.

Rockstar Hosted Our First Career Fair

In October of 2020, Rockstar hosted our very first career fair at Deerbrook Forest. Throughout the day, our team was able to acquire a total of 4 new hires and seven new hires for the entirety of the week. We enjoyed having the opportunity to sit down and get to know our new team members. Rockstar isn't joking around when it comes to adding new talent to our company. If we liked our applicant's resume and interview, we hired them on the spot, and they got started with the onboarding process right away.

If you're looking to join team Rockstar, you can send us your resume anytime here.

We Celebrated Our Teams

August 12th of 2020 marked Onsite Teams Day. A tradition and celebration of our onsite team members, started by the National Apartment Association, gave thanks to all of our teams on the front lines. Apartment Onsite Teams Day recognized the men and women who have helped guide apartment communities throughout the country through this unprecedented and uniquely challenging event.

We Maneuvered COVID-19

Thanks to Tracey Tyler, our VP of Marketing & Innovation, Rockstar had the infrastructure in place for a time when prospective residents were only able to rent apartments online. Our virtual tours, paperless process, and robust websites enabled our residents to continue to move, even amid a pandemic. Our team has implemented self-guided tours, facetime or zoom tours, and socially distanced in-person tours for those who still prefer it. Without the hard work and implementation Tracey put into Rockstar two years ago, our transition to a fully online leasing process wouldn't be as smooth or quick.

2020 wasn't an easy year, but there is always something positive to reflect on when looking back on any year. What positivity did you discover in 2020? Let us know on our social media pages!


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